The pipes produced by FIBROVER can be used for the abduction of any kind of water, chemical plant, affluent and sewage, etc. because they combine the advantage of corrosion resistance with a mechanical strength compare to the steel one.

FIBROVER standard pipes range:

DIAMETER: 25mm to 1200mm

PRESSURE: PN 4, PN6, PN10, PN16 and PN20

Stiffness: SN 1250 Pa, SN 2500, SN 5000 Pa, SN 7500 and SN 10000 Pa

The technical department Fibrover is available for pipe design with intermediate mechanical performance or exceed those standards.

The most commonly used joint is the Bell & Spigot that offers several advantages over other joining systems. The bell is built monolithic to the pipe during its production. The spigot is built on the other end and constitutes an integral part of the pipe. Furthermore, this type of coupling can be fitted with locking key, which allows to absorb the axial loads of the pipes and to reduce the use of anchor blocks.


The fittings for the pipelines are produced from a blank pipe, properly cut and welded using “hand lay-up technology”.

Using this technique most fitting can be obtained:

  • elbows
  • reductions
  • Tee & Y
  • manholes
  • wells inspection
  • flanges

Advantages of the pipes in Prfv

  • Less weight with the same mechanical performance.
  • Reduction in installation costs.
  • Monolithic joints.
  • Excellent design flexibility and optimization of weight / performance ratio.
  • Higher axial resistance compared to the pipes produced with other technologies.
  • Possibility of threaded inserts for the joint assembly testing.
  • Excellent internal smoothness.
  • Cathodic protection is not required.

See the pipes support presentation on our Slideshare channel