about us

Company profile

FIBROVER operates in the field of fiberglass since 1971, the year of its establishment. Over the years FIBROVER has developed a high level of competence and consolidated technologies for the production of different fiberglass products, such as tanks, pipes and poles. Today FIBROVER is on the market with two product lines: pipes and fiberglass poles .

The company’s strengths are:

  • Highly specialized manpower;
  • Light and flexible company structure;
  • Long experience;
  • Integration of different phases of the process, from engineering to installation.

The factory

FIBROVER today operates in a facility that insists on a total area of about 14000 m2. The building, 3000 sqm wide, is divided into two bays that house two production lines:

  • Poles line, for the production of poles for public lighting, signage, telecommunications and energy transport. The same line is also dedicated for the production of pipes with diameters ranging from 25mm up to 100mm;
  • Pipes Line, in which takes place the production of pipes of diameters ranging from 150mm up to 1200mm.